Why are private tabs not actually private?!

I had covered a few things and I just was getting clarification on what you meant. Keep in mind part of where I thought you meant something else was like the title of the topic, which is that private tabs aren’t private.

What we’ve come to the conclusion of based on what you just verified, it’s not that private tabs aren’t private. You just would like to see multi-account containers, such as has been discussed at Equivalent of Multi-Account Containers or Temporary Containers Extension (FF)

While I can see where someone might see the similarities between the two, they are completely different things. I think “session windows” also covers this.

There are some Github open for it, such as you can see below:

And I also had recently tagged on Twitter those who might be able to make it happen or explain where Brave stands on this request:

And if you follow that thread, we’re waiting for Peter Snyder (Pes10k) to respond.

He’s essentially the head of everything privacy & security for Brave. His title is Senior Privacy Researcher and Vice-President of Privacy Engineering at Brave Software. So we’ll see what happens. But at least it’s something I’ve recently brought up off of some of the recent topics/posts.

I know sometimes people think I ask too many questions or seem argumentative, but it honestly just comes down to me making sure I’m fully understanding things and can bring topics to the right people. There’s just been too many occasions where something seemed very clear on what was said, but people ended up saying they meant something else. So hopefully this reply helps you know why I said it the way I did (^_^)

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Thanks. No I didn’t think you were being argumentative, not at all.
I can see you are probably working through hundreds of threads each day! Your reference to the thread title demonstrates this. The conversation basically went off that original topic. The original reason for opening the thread was due to issues I was having where private tabs didn’t seem to forget me when closed .

I should maybe have started a new thread, but yes the conversation is now pretty much exactly as you refer to there, session based cookies. I don’t do Twitter, but I will take a look at what those conversations relate to. Thanks

PS the “forgetful browsing” is a nice half way house for me, definitely a good outcome of this thread as I can make good use of that. I like stuff to not remember, as much as possible! So now i just keep the tabs open as long as i want, then close, and all is forgotten :slight_smile: (login cookies i mean, of course). It saves me using the “clean browsing history” extension. I was told extensions add to one’s online fingerprint so i came to Brave because it can do what Firefox with 5-10 extensions was doing, right out of the box. Great stuff :slight_smile:
Thanks again

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PS - Just a thought. The “forgetful browsing” thing is very cool. Great feature. I think it could be made even better with an optional setting to determine how rapidly it forgets. Sometimes we accidentally hit control-w and close a tab we didn’t want closed. I think it would be great to be able to set it to 5, 10, 30 minutes. For me I’d probably go with 30, I just want to know they will be deleted without me manually clearing data, but probably not until I definitely won’t be opening it again the same day.

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