Why are pending rewards estimated? And why uphold?

As I have mined cryptocurrencies, I saw my balance increase. It wasn’t an estimate, I got paid exactly what I saw eventually. Why can’t we see the actual amount through the month instead of an estimate? Surely, you can make things accrue correctly throughout the month. If funds are an issue, why can’t the browser also take that into consideration? The more I see people complain about the rewards part of the browser, the more I worry that bad actors and overpaying for referrals is making this a sinking ship.

I’m hoping that this KYC garbage is put to rest for anyone making less than the equivalent of $600 a year, if in the US. I’m really hoping you stop letting Uphold have so much control. People want more ads because they want the money, they do not want auto-contribute on by default. I would love to participate in seeing enough ads that I could have a few dollars and I can tip too. Four dollars a month sure won’t let me show the love to others, I’ll just keep stockpiling. So as things are now, an estimated $48 for the year, and I need to give way too much data to Uphold if I wanted to see that money–bizarre. Finally, it doesn’t make much sense that we have no access to the private key of our BAT wallets. People need to be somewhat proficient to keep their BAT when it’s under the 25 BAT amount if a computer change is needed or OS redo is required.

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