Why are many accounts suspended near the payment date?

Hi everybody . I know recently, there are many accounts that were permanently suspended near the payment date. I really wonder about this issue. Why not another day ? I think this was intentional of team ! Therefore, I created this topic looking forward to receiving satisfactory answers from the Brave team.
Brave Browser was founded in 2015 and has attracted millions of users every day. This is a great success for the developer
Recently, due to the influence of Covid 19, the number of global users using the browser has increased significantly .
This is a good thing. Contributing to this success is the great contribution of the active publishers. I think your compensation policy for users is very good, partly to promote the development of BAT.
I know, there are some publishers who spend a lot of money to run ads, promote your brand to reach more users. And in recent times, due to the large number of global users. You don’t seem to want to pay them for it. You want to promote the brand but you don’t want to pay the person who promotes it . I can really say that you are cheating us by permanently locking account but not explaining a good reason. The support team is really poor. I’m sorry to have to say this truth. I always think that in the future, your product will have more users. Your browser will be as popular as Chrome or Firefox. Many advertisers will be willing to pay to partner with the team.

However, I am really disappointed with the fraud of the user reward group. I hope you are really transparent in solving the problem of paying users to be able to develop more in the future. I also see a lot of mixed comments on AppStore and Play Store that you are cheating on customers.
If you read this article, I hope you will change in the future. You can close this discussion thread or delete my post. This is a negative review and I hope you read the user comments !