Why are browser and rewards settings changing without my consent?

In November my browser rewards turned off for several weeks, auto contribute turned on and my Brave News preferences all changed. Why?
I still have not received my 5 BAT from connecting to Gemini in September and had an auto post on my Twitter feed that I was claiming my 5 BAT. How are things happening in the browser without my knowledge or consent? I clicked on the connect to Gemini when it first appeared and 2 weeks later the post appeared on my Twitter feed, yet still no BAT for linking my new account.

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I am having the same problems. The Brave Browser changed my auto-contribute settings without requiring me to approve the change, and then automatically paid Brave back 1 BAT. This is theft! I did not turn on auto-contribute, and have always disabled it. For it to automatically re-activate and then send my money to the company that has already been paid for the ads that I viewed is criminal.

Brave is supposed to be the future of advertising! Sharing in the profit with its users, like FutureFi is supposed to be; this is not how Brave will go boldly.

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