Why are Brave Adblock Additional Filters not sorted alphabetically?

This annoys me so much and Brave isn’t the only offender. NextDNS does the same thing and they too stubbornly refuse to improve it despite numerous requests.

Reason it annoys me so much is because filters are trashed all over the list instead of being neatly organized. Not only we naturally find things faster if they are in some sort of order, usually based on alphabet order, this also automatically groups together similarly named filters like ones that start with “EasyList” or “Adguard” or “Fanboy” which in turn makes it look more neat, it makes it easier to navigate and it’s just a better experience overall.

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A screenshot would help, here. And, Brave Support will probably need to know your computing device Operating System, plus your Brave Browser version.

PS: How to write AdBlock Filters:

Adblock link: “https://adblockplus.org/filters” now redirects to:


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Assuming you mean the “Additional Filters” list in brave://adblock/, the uBlockOrigin extension for Firefox for example does group and sort them nicely, and I second it looks better that way.
I don’t see it a major annoyance though, usually one doesn’t have to frequently manage that list.
In my case, I only added one for my native language and that’s it.

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This reply makes no sense. Brave Adblock Additonal Filters is a default part of Brave (hamburger menu → Brave Ad Block). My OS version or browser version doesn’t matter as it’s the same in all versions of Brave.

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Even so, why should the first or any other encounter of this function be an entry hunting chore when having it alphabetically sorted would all just make it neat and easy to use first, second and every time?

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We don’t separate into sections, which would help. But Improvements will be in https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/8838 (still a WIP)


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