Why am I still getting related videos?

Since installing the browser, I’ve been so happy to see what kind of garbage trackers are being blocked. I recently deleted my google account, which was linked to my youtube account. Therefore, there should theoretically be no way for youtube to know what I’ve watched. However, I have been getting suggested videos based on what I recently watched. I’m just curious about how that’s possible.

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@mariachan A lot of it is going to be based on your settings and all. For example, what’s your Shield settings when visiting YouTube? If you allow Fingerprinting, then that’s allowing them some bits of tracking for you. The other thing is to realize that Brave only stops ads and some trackers, but that doesn’t prevent your internet provider from sharing your information. If you don’t have your IP Address blocked by running through something like a good VPN that doesn’t have any leakage, then they will be able to identify you and serve things based on your area.

To get to what I mean about VPN with no leaks and all, check out this topic I’m linking below. While it is exact to your situation, it is lightly related in terms of what data gets shared with sites and all.

And again, if you aren’t blocking cookies and fingerprinting, then they might be plugging in temporary cookies or other identifiers (they can track in other ways outside of cookies) to have your watch history.

I’d advise to check out https://brave.com/privacy-updates/4-fingerprinting-defenses-2.0/

Or for a little more detail, you also have https://blokt.com/guides/browser-fingerprinting

There’s honestly a LOT of moving parts when it comes to privacy and tracking. Brave does its best to help prevent cookies and fingerprinting, but they are far from being able to completely stop it. Hopefully the resources I provided in the other post I linked to as well as the websites I just linked here, you’ll be able to get some of your answers.

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I get “related videos” on youtube on a non-logged in account, At a guess it’ll be related to cookies (for youtube and google). Also embedded youtube videos on other sites also, would detect the content you’re most likely interested in.

Staying in private window mode all the time, and blocking youtube on 3rd-party sites is probably the best option.

Even with all cookies blocked this will happen. I suspect fingerprinting and (if anyone on the same router is not using a VPN at all times) IP logging.

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