Why am I required to open an account on specific platforms just for withdraw?

I have already connected my browser to my metamask account. In Rewards the browser requires me to open an account on some platforms that do not work in my country. Is there any possibility of withdrawing this money directly to my metamask account?

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That would be awesome, or possible use the Brave Wallet to receive the bats and transfer or pay with it wherever we need.

I hope Brave team take this as an idea to apply in 2022


Currently no. You’ll still need a custodian account (Uphold/Gemini) to withdraw your ads rewards.

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where do I store my rewards, until the brave provides a solution to the issue, any idea?

Until you verify your wallet (connecting to custodian (Uphold/Gemini)), your BAT from rewards will be stored in brave:rewards @agonk

I mean if I format my pc or something like that, how can I save the rewards, thanks anyway @eljuno

You don’t need to worry about that .If you connect with wallet ,BAT will transfer to your wallet.If not you can’t get reward.

@eljuno hiding my response and flexing on me? seriously?