Why am I not seeing Brave ads though I configured them?

Briefly describe your issue:
I have enabled Brave ads but never see any and earn very little as a result. Does Brave Shields stop them? Or are the ads supposed to bypass it?

Also: If I enabled auto-contribute do the amounts contributed deducted from what Im earning via Brave Rewards?

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Windows desktop & Android mobile device
Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
What date did you verify your wallet?
do not know
Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)
I only started using Google One VPN last week. Before then, no VPN

Are you eligible for Brave Rewards (see here for list of supported regions)?
Are you on the list of supported regions when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner (see here for list of supported regions)?
Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to a custodial partner?

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@richards1052 There are a lot of little factors that influence ads you see. The primary things for you to check and think of are:

  • Ads available in your region

    • How many campaigns
    • If those campaigns target your device
  • Your notification settings on your device.

  • If your IP Address and Locale match

So, one of the lead developers for Brave has a site he tries to keep running for everyone. It’s something he does in his spare time, thus it’s something to be thankful for. That site is https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ When you go there, you can see ads available in your region, what OS they are to show for, the maximum amount of times you can see those ads, etc. In other words, just because it says there are "21 campaigns` in your area, it doesn’t mean you qualify for all. Some might be iOS only, for example.

In terms of notification settings, you have to factor in things like Focus Assist on Windows. If Focus Assist is turned on or has Automatic Rules on, it will block notifications. Also in that, if you have done anything to revoke Brave from being able to provide notifications, then you’ll not have ads.

Lastly, if your device Locale doesn’t match your IP address, there can and will be issues. The browser uses both to determine your location. For example, if your device Locale is set for Mexico and you’re in the United States, it might show you an ad for United States but see you’re supposed to be from Mexico, therefore not give you BAT. Then after it tries a few times, might pause ads for a while as it can’t tell if you’re abusing the system or what’s going on. Thus it’s important to kind of make sure that those things mesh.


Always keep in mind 10 per hour is the maximum. You’ll be incredibly lucky if you ever get near that. Ads fluctuate. Some days/weeks/months you’ll get plenty, others you won’t. The majority of ads you’ll get and earn from will be from New Tab Page (NTP) assuming you have Sponsored Images (SI) turned on and your NTP set to go to Dashboard.

The second place to get most ads are from checking Brave News when you’re on your Dashboard. Scroll down and check some of the latest things going on in the world. While doing so, you might have some Inline Content (IC) ads that appear.

So you can get one NTP ad every 15 minutes. And you can get like 12 IC ads every hour. They add up. Only thing to keep in mind is not to spam for it. If you’re coming and constantly loading those things every 15 minutes and it just seems you’re doing a BAT farm, you’ll risk getting flagged/suspended.

Basically, take advantage of those being offered, but don’t abuse it.

Yes and no. It will take from all your BAT. So if you have 10 BAT in your Balance and only 0.5 BAT from earnings, when it’s time to pay, it’s going to deduct the 1 BAT auto-contribute from your Balance and then process the 0.5 BAT payment. (Key thing, these are separate transactions)

You’re likely not counting NTP ads and Brave News ads, but instead just trying to count notifications.

What to do if the locale does not match with the region, how it can be fixed. thanks

What do you mean? Locale is your device settings for where you’re at. So on Windows, it’s under Region settings. For Android, it’s part of the language selection The list goes on.

When I say Android it is under language selection, what I mean is they will have you choose things like English-US, English-IN, English-GB, etc. English would be your language but then the country code at the end is your Locale.

On Windows 11 Pro, which I’m using right now, I’d have to change it in the menu below:

But like I said, it also uses things like you IP address and all. Also, if you’re constantly changing things, it will see it as attempt to scam them by faking your location. So key thing is to make sure you’re just using info for where you’re truly at.

In terms of where this has been important though is someone had moved from one country to the other. They never changed their Locale and ended up not earning Rewards. They were seeing ads, but getting no BAT. They couldn’t figure out why. Once they adjusted their Locale, they started earning BAT.


This will change in the “near” future. Not sure if month, two months, 6 month, or more but they are moving more towards locking people into the region they choose in the browser and have verified with in Uphold/Gemini. Once that happens, may not matter much or not matter at all. Country selection is now a thing but it doesn’t yet have influence over the ads we see. It just plays a part in being able to receive BAT payments.

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No, that counts all ads.

Like I said in the post you quoted from, we receive more ads than just from notifications.

For example, below is an NTP ad from Brave for Brave Wallet:

Or now in Brave News:

So those would count in the browser, but if you’re just using something to keep track of notifications only, then you’d not see the proper number. Because NTP ads and Brave News ads aren’t notifications.

And while it’s not live yet, we’ll also have Search Ads here in the future, where ads will display in Brave Search. For now though, it’s not in place for us to earn and instead is just in Beta where they show for people not participating in Rewards.

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