Why am I not recieving my BATs this month?

I been waiting till 7th of July to get paid but now the day moved to 7th of Aug and my balance is still in my brave rewards pending balance. Why is this happening? Is there any way I can withdraw it without uphold or something?

My uphold wallet is verified, I have brave up to date. So what’s wrong? anyone having the same issue?


The jump in dates happens a lot of time during the week of the 7th. You should still receive the ads earnings from June. At the moment there is no way to manually move the funds without using Uphold


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What @HighPriestess42 said is correct; payouts are still in process so keep an eye on this post for any updates → Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

If the payout period has completed and you do not receive your rewards, do let us know.

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Hi @GreenBananaPorridge I have the same problem. It has been a week and on the Monthly Ads Payout Update Status it shows that payments have been made to all but I haven’t yet received around 50% of my BAT that i collected in June. Can you help me with it.

All the BATs that aren’t Credited this month will be credited in the upcoming month…
So its alright…

Also that happens to the BATs accumulated from July 1 to July 8

I still didnt got my bat from publishers to uphold and the payout status is complete but i didnt got can u help me @GreenBananaPorridge

Hey @Bugga @ItzMeRajat @deek

Please make a new thread detailing your issue and we will be on it!

For now, closing this thread.