Why am I not getting complete rewards earning

Hello Brave Team,

I am using brave browser more than 3 months but i am facing this issue every months that i am not getting complete brave earning at the end of the month as you can see below snap.

My earning in the month of march 2022 is around 6 BAT but i got only 2.67 BAT. The same issue is with my friends and family also.

What is the issue? Why am I not getting complete rewards Or am I wasting my time with a brave browser?

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when click on the triangle at the top i only see two rows one time tips and monthly tips not the first one you are having rewards from ads.what is this and how to resolve this.
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Yes please help . I am also not hetting complete rewards that i earned since last 2 months.


Yeah, I think this behavior has started a few months ago based on my personal experience at least… but also, I can say based on the same experiences that the remaining BAT will still be delivered, but only in the next month…

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if the difference persists like for months, in net certain fraction of BAT will always remain static. this is equivalent to not getting paid


Your net balance will always increase. They pay you late and your tokens are never lost.

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