Why am I getting this error when clicking on "About Brave" in MacOS?

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This only started happening for me yesterday. I can’t imagine what I have done to cause it.

It happens every time when I click in the “About Me” item at the top of the Brave menu in MacOS. I have the latest releases of everything.

I access the internet from my Mac via ProtonVPN, but that has been working for me for at least several months, without change.

What else might I have done to my Brave Settings that might be causing this error?

Thanks for reaching out. Unclear why that’s happening right now, but I would suggest trying to update with your VPN disabled to see if that is causing the hangup.

Hi Mattches,
That did make a difference. But now my question for you is, why would that make a difference, only for that specific function of checking for Brave updates? Other than that, the 1.25.72 Version of Brave was working for me with the VPN in operation. Brave must be depending on something particular relating to DNS when checking for updates, compared to the VPN’s DNS that works properly for accessing other websites.

I’m not entirely sure what’s changed and its actually likely that this issue will not occur again. If you get this same error while connected to your VPN during the next update, please let me know and we can dig in further.

OK, thanks. I will let you know whether or not the same thing happens with the next Brave update.

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After updating to Brave 1.25,73 I turned my VPN back on, and clicked on About Brave. I got the same error. So the problem did not go away with the update from 1.25.72 to 1.25.73 - for me, with my VPN on, at least.

I have tried a number of options for relaxing, changing, and upgrading my VPN, and whenever it is on, in any of the configurations I have tried, I get the same error with About Brave. When I disconnect the VPN completely, About Brave responds quickly and says Brave is up to date.

Another update: because of network load changes around the Internet this evening (I’m guessing), my VPN switched from a “Secure Core” connection through Switzerland (at about an 80% load factor) to Sweden (at 70% load), All other security features are turned on. About Brave now responds properly for me, During my earlier testing, in addition to Switzerland, a connection through Russia had also not worked for me. It appears to me that About Brave is sensitive to the country of origin of my IP address: Switzerland and Russia invoke the “cannot connect” error, and Sweden does not. I may not be understanding what is really going on, but whatever it is, it seems quirky and strange to me. Throughout all of today, I have been accessing many websites, both in Canada and in Switzerland, with no problems, while the VPN was connected. I’ve had no issues with the Brave Community website (i.e., this one). The problem has been localized in the About Brave access, and now that is working again, through the VPN that goes through Sweden. ???

Yeah this is certainly very strange. Thank you for the information, that was a very good observation about the VPN. Let me reach out to some team members, as I’m not sure what would be causing this.

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