Why am i being asked to update my browser see message below

I got a message to update my browser, The message says you are using 8.0.4103.116 of Chrome. Why is it saying Chrome when I am using Brave???

Hello @SkyView

could you send screen shoot of the message you get

Thanks for replying to my message.

I hope you can see this. I also got a similar message when trying to log into my Shopify store

Did you have the latest version (see brave.com/latest ) of Brave @SkyView? Go to brave:version to see the version you have. And Menu > About Brave to update.

Thank you! I have completed the update.

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cause brave is build on the core of chrome so some sites detect it as chrome browser
and as @eljuno said you need to update you browser

and well done for updating it
and have a nice day

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