WhoStreams stream is domain protected

For most of the online streams I’m getting the message in the video player instead of the video

“WhoStreams stream is domain protected”

As you can see from the below screenshot, Flash is enabled, shield is disabled as well, still video is not loading. Whereas the same link is working without any issues in Chrome.

Honestly I’m tired of reporting issues here with zero help.

please the domain the one in the screenshot is saying 404

Sorry I’m not sure if I understood what you said but here is the link I’m after http://exstreams.net/sportsch.php?bt2

It works perfectly fine in chrome.

on chrome

The error you are getting might be because of your country and ISP.

I took this screenshot from Chrome, it works fine.

Looks like its due to CORS policy.

Ok, whats the fix… ?

Shields actually do not need to be disabled entirely in order to view website content. I’m actually kind of a fan of the way this site displays the “error message” (for lack of a better term) in the video depending on the state of the browser – useful for debugging.

Before going further, I’d like to note that, imo, you should definitely have Shields up for this site – first visit blocks:

  • 30 3rd party trackers
  • 1 device recognition attempt (more on this below)
  • And goes through 9 different https upgrades

Anyway – if you must stream from here, the media player on the site requires that cookies be set by the site and, additionally, you must also allow Device Recognition on the site. The message in @sriram’s reply above states that Sandbox iframe not allowed – this is because the site needs to render content from a 3rd party on your screen through an iframe element on the page (this likely requires canvasing your screen size to properly render as well). Brave blocks this attempt and subsequently causes the site to produce this message.

Workaround – Visit whostreams, open your Shields panel in the address bar and change

  • 3rd-party cookies blocked = All cookies allowed
  • 3rd-party device recognition blocked = All device recognition allowed
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Thanks for this. Right now I’m in my office, once I reach home, I will do as suggested and get back to you.

Btw you are doing a great job here.

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Sorry bro, it didn’t work.

I made the below changes but it didn’t work, still same error.

  • 3rd-party cookies blocked = All cookies allowed
  • 3rd-party device recognition blocked = All device recognition allowed

Exactly the same? Nothing changed after changing those settings?

yeah exactly the same error message

Inside the video player its show another link to watch the stream i.e. http://wstream.to/live/0tu12ugse7o

So I went to the link and tried the same settings but no joy…

No urgency or anything as such to fix this, just want the browser to have seamless experience as chrome so reporting these issues.

Thank you, I do appreciate you bringing these matters to our attention. I’ll make sure our web compat guys get eyes on this as time allows.

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