Whonix Workstation TorBrowser Alternative: Brave!

Recently had a massive disruption to two Development Workstations when
the TorBrowser automatic update generated a Black Screen that left me
completely SOL.

Wasted a complete working day trying ( and failing ) to fix the BUG:-
multi-user systems that use apparmor

What a JOY that Brave came to the rescue. Productivity with reasonable
security and privacy is BACK. Torbrowser + the launcher for it is likely to
be surgically removed on all of my working Dev systems, henceforth.

Opening Post.

Lets converge the Brave Browser as competition for TorBrowser based upon Mozilla esr v68.x.xx !

Monocultures are Dangerous, anyway.

Torbrowser in this standard (but mult-user Extended) Whonix Workstation
Derivative is now clunky, slow AND suspiciously High in sustained CPU load incidents that made me suspect spectre/metdown et al games were
being played on me.

The standard TorBrowser v9.0.x is a DOG for my research productivity
by comparison.

Game On! MANY Thanks to the Team. I’d like to help out where I can.

On a controlled, low resource VM Brave outperforms all other reference
complex browsers I’ve compared it with.

I’ll put up a webpage (clearnet) for the community to reference me if
no better brave community option is open to keep it on your servers
as a single GDPR compliant jurisdiction option!

Be Seeing Y’all Soon…

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