Whole window turns black when starting the browser



I am using 3D TV Play respectively 3D Discover by nVidia.

As Brave seems to be using DirectX to render, the whole window turns black when starting the browser. Only deactivating 3D under nVidia’s settings makes it render normally.

How do I prevent Brave from becoming black without having to disable 3DTV Play/3D Discover each time?

  • i. Windows 10
  • ii. Current Brave Version.


Does this happen only with Brave? What about Chrome?


When watching videos full screen also chrome is affected. It’s an OpenGL or DirectX-Problem.


Could you take a screen cap of Brave opening a black window at launch? You can use Licecap to record a gif image of it.


There is no challenge in picturing a black (0,0,0) rectangle where the brave browser should be.

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