Who will be in charge of the finance department?

Hi brave team

April payments are mostly delayed. A lot of people don’t get paid. have to wait until June 9.
I accidentally checked today @Asad I see he’s not in the Moderators group

Please who will be in charge the same as Asaid did? and the unpaid April sales will be paid on 9/6?

Hello, @loved4g. There are numerous threads on the April payouts, but I’ll summarize the events here for you briefly :slightly_smiling_face: Payouts each month are initiated with a small degree of variance. That said, our team works to process them quickly. For the most part, users are paid promptly. In some cases, however, the process isn’t as quick as we’d like it (though it is getting better with time).

We conduct fraud reviews and more, which can sometimes cause delays for a cohort of users. At times there are bumps along the way too, as was the case with this most recent payout. We have identified a couple issues which prevented a small group of users from receiving their tokens. For the most part, those issued have also been resolved.

As a small, quickly-growing startup, we’re still identifying ways to optimize our process each month. Thank you for your patience while we continue to grow, and become more efficient at better serving you.

Thanks for your respond . I look forward to all April’s payments being settled this week. and starting next month the payment system will return to normal and no congestion

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