Who was the brainlet?

Who was the genius behind the last video on YouTube Brave channel? It was woke and cringey AF. It was a blatant display of a future virtue signature hiring!


I don’t plan to even see what you are talking about, but maybe it was the same person who thought sending Brave cards to people through postal office was a good idea. I mean, it is not a bad idea to do that to sell tacos or mops or a detergent, but for a software, sounds like a not the best idea.

I mean, there is nowhere to escape, compare Brave to other companies and you will find Brave is the most decent one with a future and not 3 maintainers that will stop working on it after couple years because nobody donates and they need money to eat and live.

I ended up using Yandex at some point, but stopped using it because it doesn’t block 3p cookies, bug or whatever, I didn’t want to complicate myself and came back to Brave, then used Vivaldi, but remembered how pathetic the CEO is and how the UI is so slow although it has cool features, and then used Brave again because of the adblocker has future and Brave has fixed many annoying things about it.

Advice: try to avoid looking at videos or anything. Some people hate Brendan Eich for his posts on twitter, I don’t like Vivaldi’s CEO for his BS, but sometimes we gotta just ignore and be decently happy.


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