Who helps me please

Hello, best regards to all.

I would like to know the reason

So they suspended my account, since I do not understand.

I announced the platform in December from my channel.

from YouTube

I shared it on my social networks,

I shared the information with friends and family.

Apart I have my channel with 766 subscribers.

I’m a content creator

last month I had many references

Confirmed and even then the account was suspended

I had a series of bats in the best way.

And I would appreciate it if you check my account.

I received donations from my subscribers.

And friends ,

With this, my earnings obtained

I have my verified uphold account

And I followed all the rules to win my bat well.

My Youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/ channel / UCx8oBiuoE0p51VptpaUox8g

I announced the browser through social networks,

I thank you for your time


Hi @kriptovenezuela,
Please see Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions and send an email to publishers support team.

The team will get in touch with you asap.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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he left a loophole
Create too many TIP profiles =))

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