Who else is seriously start thinking that Brave is a scam?

2 weeks ago Brave was paying 0,001 BAT per ads, its okay since the price of the crypto is rising, but then you need 25 BATs to withdraw, that’s the first problem. The second problem is this late payment issue, if the atualization of the browser was the real problem, they should be able to pay earlier, not after the atualization. Another excuse they are using is that they are a “small team”, this small team are not handling well enough with the fast growing of new users, so make the team bigger and more efficient. Another problem is the truth about the infos that they release, the @Steeven guy said that “Payments to verified wallets will begin tomorrow morning” it’s been 3 days already, if the info is not for sure, then don’t post it… and “tomorrow morning” means nothing, morning in your country is not morning in the whole world. This complaining is not about the BATs, it’s about the whole mindset to develop the project, i just need to format my pc as soon as possible, and the browser dont allow us to make a backup or something equivalent in a case of urgency like this. The moderators thank us for our patience, and that’s okay, but don’t force too much, we would be more thankfull if the browser works how it’s supoused to be.


They are not scam. Brave and BAT is a good project its reached to 1.5 dollar in a year. But they are incompenent when it comes to distrubiting rewards. I never fully get my payout even if its delayed for 2 months.


Not a scam, but I think the project have grown too fast for them to handle it.

I still have my rewards pending. Let’s wait to the 10 of May


Nah, not a scam, just might have gone over their heads though.


Not a scam. They grow very fast. I have join brave since last year June. Last year BAT only around 0.3 now the price 1.5 so is 5x times. Just sometimes payment issue but at least they have paid us. U just have to be patient when come to payment day. :wink::wink:

  1. Customer Support team is very bad.they have not any proper solution.
    2.they cannot pay us full amount of bat.(March month I received 22 bat in my brave publisher account but they only send me 6 bat in my uphold account. )
    3.this month they remove claim option.they don’t pay us proper earnings.

I don’t think it’s a scam, by any means. But like someone else said, the payout/reward distribution (for creators/publishers, at least) leaves quite a bit to be desired. Still waiting for March 2021 payout, after having a verified wallet since early 2020.

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From a technical point of view, Brave is a good privacy-oriented open-source browser, so it’s not a scam.

However, from an economic point of view, BATs are another matter. If Brave doesn’t pay BATs, or if pays too little, it won’t be absurd to start thinking that BATs are a scam.


It is not a scam, for me from my reasoning it is that they have spread a bad use of the browser to be able to generate more bat. in a month of work …
I present an example.
There are users who generate information through YouTube channels such as tricks to generate more income, … Obviously, I do not blame them since this world situation with the covid-19 pandemic has everyone looking for more money than normal.,.,., but Let’s continue there are tricks that we should not do, such as opening several profiles on a single computer, such as I know several friends and each one works with more than 50 profiles to generate around $ 150 per month … I think there are more people like that. ., and I see that as a scam to the browser itself … there are solutions to improve the use of the browser

and that brave browser has:
verified wallet:
telephone number- to verify country location.
Username :

I propose that each user have a maximum of 5 profiles on each computer
and a button to make payments and charges to the wallet each time one reaches $ 1.00 or 1.000bat
so the payments would not be every 30 days.
and with this I think that the exaggerated and badly intended use of the browser and the delay of payments will decrease


I second all the opinions here… don’t think it’s a scam… its just that their back-end isn’t as robust as it should be, especially the payments part… They really need to rethink the support they provide (or don’t provide).
And yes, I do agree… that condition of 25 BAT is an impossible task when the rate is 0.001-0.005 BAT… Prices for BAT have gone up and as a result per ad rates have gone down, but at the same time, there is no thought for the back end (Is the condition of 25 BAT really realistic when users get so little per ad?)…
Even if you consider 0.005 BAT per ad, you need 5000 Ads to be clicked on/viewed just to be able to reach 25 BAT and withdraw… divide that many number of ads by your monthly avg. number of ads and see how many months it would take to just to connect an Uphold wallet and withdraw…


It would take 14-15 months for me to gain the 25 BAT needed to verify a wallet based on the current average.


I don’t think this project is a scam , …but … if they want to promote the browser with people support , They should be more generous and punctual with payments!!!

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This definitely isn’t a scam, in fact, Steeven even let everyone know that the payouts would likely be delayed this month.

Heres the original post

As others have said, patience is key.

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Atleast you’re getting something from them. It’s fine even if the payments are delayed or partial payments are made.

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I was afraid there might not be a mechanism against this sort of thing, if this is the case brave needs to come up with somthing like have all profiles share a wallet and ads, or encode wallet ids with router nics only as unique identifiers to see if tips are coming from same house hold etc… there is ways against this behavior without compromising user privacy or maybe their should be a little compromise if you opt in rewards to combat rewards fraud

For anyone in this thread,
We are more than happy to assist users with the Rewards issues they’re having. The best way to get support, is to open a topic and include the requested information and any additional info that may be helpful.


Please note that, as it says in the message in the UI, if you already have a verified Uphold account, you should be able to login and verify your wallet.

Steven was accurate in what he says and, if you take a look at the May Ads payout thread – which also appears as a giant banner on the top of every page right now – you will note that certain payments are still processing and that we have been updating the thread regularly to inform our users where we are in the process.

Processing can sometimes be slow or delayed and for that we do apologize and are working on ways to better and more efficiently handle the payout process. Unfortunately it is extremely complex and alterations/adjustments to the system require a ton of different considerations that all add up to a massive workload.

It’s very easy to come to a support forum, note all the users having Rewards issues and conclude that it’s broken/not working for everyone/ is a scam/etc. But please consider the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of users who receive payments every month without any issues at all. A “scam” that pays out the overwhelming majority of it’s users in exactly the way it’s expected to doesn’t sound like a very good scam.

That said, if any of you are not in the vast majority and have a legitimate issue that you would like assistance with, I again implore you to open your own topic here on Community and we will assist you as soon as we are able.

We appreciate your understanding and I’d like to personally thank anyone who jumped in this thread in our defense – it’s very uplifting to see a thread like this that does not involve everyone jumping on the “scam train”.

I’m going to close this issue now since there is no support requested. @Radzinkx if you need further clarification on anything I responded to you directly about, feel free to DM me.