Whitelisting YouTube Channels


Hello guys,

I’d have loved to be able to whitelist specific YouTube channels (and not the whole YouTube website) in the Shield, allowing their ads to show on their videos. It is an effective way to support creators if I cannot afford supporting them all with Brave Payment.

This feature is possible on AdBlock for example, but switching off Brave’s Shield to activate AdBlock only for this reason is a bit absurd.

Thank you for considering my request,


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I literally made an account just to reply to this lol, I agree. I feel awful that I can’t contribute to my favourite creators adsense. Please add this in if you can Brave team!


I also agree!
Fortunately, when our new Shields panel hits the official release it’ll come with several additional options - including the ability to whitelist specific ads, cookies, scripts and more. Here’s a preview of what it will look like: