Whitelisting Sites

Is there a way to Whitelist sites I visit and know are not security risks but get the security list interruption. If not can I put this in as a feature request. Something like a button to ‘Whitelist Site’ once then it goes though automagically thenceforth.

You can disable per-site Shields setting via Brave icon in URL bar if that’s what you mean.

No that is not what I mean. I want to go to a site but get an interrupting page telling me the ’ The information that you’re about to submit is not secure - Because this form is being submitted using a connection that’s not secure, your information will be visible to others’. I.E. the site is not https. At that point I would like a button that says ‘Whitelist’ and I am never bothered again with the data not secure rubbish, eg my web e-mail always has the interruption but I know it is OK.

If a site has a bad cert, no way to whitelist the site. The site should fix the invalid/bad SSL certificate. We’re doing the same as chrome in this aspect.

“We’re doing the same as chrome in this aspect”

I know and it is annoying.

For security I can understand why, because allowing a whitelist would imply that site is safe forever. The site should just get a valid cert, or just use plain http.

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