Whitelist for the shield

Hi Brave team and thank you for this browser.
I used permissive ad-blocks on other browsers before you add the rewards feature because i would help nice creators.

I recently move back to your browser and i set up the protections. I’m afraid i don’t find solution to manually create whitelist with the websites i support with adds. Generally, i copy-paste my list from one ad-block to another. However it’s not possible with yours. It’s not a problem, i can turn it off one site at a time. But for site with sub-domains (like devollopez.com, web.devellopez.com, windows.devellopez.com, … ) it’s not possible. We have to disable the shield for every subdomains and it’s very tedious (to put it mildly :wink: ).

Before to writhe you this little request, i search on internet for a solution but i only discover that i’m not the only one who would like this feature. (For example; https://twitter.com/nicksergeant/status/1169044157568077824)

Thank you for reading me and I look forward to continuing my journey with you.

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This is a really important feature, especially in a browser that is made to support creators, I can’t just go around adblocking everyone

yes, i’m having troubles constantly for this issue, specially filling forms or making payments. I ended using another browser