Whitelist / allow 3rd-party device recognition from specific 3rd-party domains


I would like to be able to whitelist certain domains for 3rd-party device recognition, regardless of the 1st-party domain it appears on, instead of whitelisting all 3rd-party domains on a particular 1st-party domain.

I work for Sketchfab, which allows you to embed a 3D model viewer iframe in other websites. The viewer relies on device recognition to detect WebGL, which is required for the viewer to function. I visit many, many websites that have Sketchfab embeds in them, so I have to allow all device recognition on many domains. I would prefer to globally whitelist sketchfab.com for 3rd-party device recognition and continue blocking any other 3rd-party device recognition that may be happening on these other arbitrary websites.

Thank you!


Thank you for reaching out and I think this is an excellent suggestion. We’re always working on shields improvements and have plans to allow more granular control over your Shields settings in future releases.

We appreciate your patience.