White tab problem


I am having a recurrent problem.

When i have multiple tab open, once in a while i average once a day, when i close a tab all the other tabs turn white empty and i need to close them and reopen to reload the page i was watching.

I tried also to refresh the page but nothing happen.
I use Mac OS Sierra on the new macbook pro with touchbar


I’ve been having this problem too, but according to the release notes it was fixed in the latest version. (0.17.13) I also played around with the tabs for a while to test it out, and it does in fact seem like it’s fixed.

So update to the latest version, and that issue should be gone :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update @isasftw that’s great to hear!


I am also having this problem, if I have multiple tabs open at some point they all go white and I can’t access them, close pages or even close Brave,I have to use task manager to quit. I am using Windows 8. I’ve checked and I do seem to be running the latest version 0.17.19