White screen, no Location bar after build (browser-laptop-bootstrap)

  • i. Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.2 LTS
  • ii. browser-laptop-bootstrap SHA 3d1460c109ada78 - Tue, Nov 07 2017
    browser-laptop: fe63aae57eb Sun, Nov 12
    – iii. Do no see location bar, Brave emblem, ‘hamburger menu’. See attached screenshot.

I downloaded the bootstrap and ran
npm install
npm run init
Got the things like rpm, build-essential, etc
npm run build -- --debug_build=true --official_build=false
Let it sit over night
cd src/browser-laptop
npm install
npm run watch
open new terminal
cd ~/Projects/browser-laptop-bootstrap
npm start

EDIT: BTW, I tried --disable-gpu and --ignore-gpu-blacklist


Okey dokey.

I figured out the problem. I had ffproxy running and that was on 8080. There were no ERR ADDRESS IN USE errors so it was a little hard to find. I figured it out by running a simple express js server on 8080 and it told me the address was in use. So, those errors I saw in the console may be considered an indication that something else is running on 8080.


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