White flashing screen with opening new tab

Every time one opens a new tab, the browser-screen flashes white once, before switching to the welcome-screen.
This is very bad for any person with nerve-problems, but also for any people with insomnia-problems, when using Brave-browser at evenings!
Please rectify this problems.
Brave-browser is quite likeable, but I will stop using it until this problem is solved.

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You don’t have to open a new tab for the “white flash” to occur.

On my smartphone (Android), I have four tabs set to websites. I close Brave. A little later, I start Brave.

As I switch to each tab, before the website content is displayed, the “white flash” is displayed. VERY annoying and distracting and somewhat blinding.

So now, when i switch to a tab, I turn the phone’s screen away from my face.

(I don’t sit at my desktop computer in the dark, so not sure if this happens on Brave desktop on Linux)

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This extension solves the problem for me in the desktop application: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/empty-new-tab-page-black/fllomkdgoahjlgcblpldnpjcilipjelp

I’m using Brave on Ubuntu Linux. I don’t know if it works on mobile.


There’s no support for extensions on a smartphone (heck, even Google Chrome and Chromium do not have extension support on smartphones).

Can you please provide more information on the issue you’re having? For example, what OS are you seeing this behavior on?

For me, this happens on Ubuntu Linux as well as on Android with the Brave Beta app. On Linux, this can be solved by several extensions available from the Chrome webstore. That’s not optimal and should be possible without having to trust a 3rd party extension, but at least it can be done. On Android, I haven’t been able to find any solution and this annoys me enough such that it completely keeps me from using the mobile app. It would be nice if this can be addressed, people have been pointing out this issue for years and nothing has happened. I don’t know if we’re just a tiny minority of sensitive people whose eyes hurt whenever the white flash appears, but I suspect there are lots of users that hate this behavior :smiley:

I would absolutely love to see a short screen recording of this behavior so that I can show it to the devs – would anyone be able to take one for me? Would go a long way to resolving the issue.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I recorded a short video where I open Google in the Brave Beta app, I uploaded it to GDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14-JehxYtHPeFKopKiRBDuU3dmEmBjGCv/view?usp=sharing

You should be able to see a brief white flash before the page is shown. This may seem like nothing to many people, but it actually hurts my head :smiley: thanks for your time and work, would really appreciate if this is solved!

Thank you for sharing. I’ll be passing this information to the Android team for further review.

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Can you tell us when a solution is available?

Yes, as soon as I have one I will reply with more information. Thank you everyone for yoru patience.

Can anyone who sees this also tell mew hat type of device they’re using as well as the Android OS version?

Also note that I’ve opened the following issue for the devs to review:

Samsung 10+ series smartphone,
10 (11 coming soon), One UI version 2.5
Kernel 4.14.117, Sep 4 2020.


I’m seeing the same issue in Stable and Beta on Linux and macOS too. The new-tab page flashes white before fading in an image and widgets.

Yeah I’ve also been having this happen

For me though it only happens sometimes and when it does it constantly flashes, and I can’t see anything on the app. Usually, I have to uninstall and reinstall the app but if that doesn’t work I have to restart my device.

Same for me, very annoying. white flashbang everytime i switch tab, and even when i’m going back to a tab I opened like 10 min before.

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Also having this happen 25%ish of the time when I switch tabs. It happens especially badly on old.reddit.com when I have never-ending-reddit on and have loaded hundreds of posts; so it seems like it also probably has to do with pages with more content that needs to be loaded. On macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.

I would be happy if there was just a way to switch it to make it a black flash instead of white.

@Mattches Any update or idea for a solution or hack to fix this?

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Are you still seeing this behavior in the latest build of the browser?