White flash when opening browser

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Description of the issue:
Opening the iOS browser shows me a blank white screen flash for a few seconds until it returns to the brave homepage

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave on iOS
  2. Look at it
  3. There

Expected result:
White flash for a few seconds

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
iPhone 6s, iOS 15.5
Additional Information:
Shows up on light mode and dark

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Same here. It is a few seconds long when opening the app for the first time in a while. Pretty bad eye sore if you’re in a dark area.

I’ll check it out.
Do you use dark theme for your Brave app and it still flashes with white screen?

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Yes. Flash still shows up on both dark and light mode.


Can confirm this as well on 1.40 with an IPhone 13. It only happens on new launch of the browser. Not from recent apps.
Both Dark, auto theme and night mode.

This appears to be fixed in the iOS beta application. I am getting a black splash screen at startup instead of white. Hopefully it rolls out to the main release soon.

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