While most people are reporting bugs/issues, I'm going to offer praise


I upgraded as I always do, when there is a new version released.
I was worried when it seemed like the built-in password manager “lost” my password to a site that is particularly painful to change it, but a quick visit to the settings/preferences to take a look at that seems to have resolved it. phew!
so while I was there, I decided to poke around a bit under the hood, first stop security:
whoops! somehow “send Do Not Track” got turned off…“restart now” didn’t work. no biggie.
now, what’s with the webRTC stuff…oh, I need to change that; “disable non-proxied UDP” seems like it’ll work best with my WireGuard VPN connection (I think)…
restart now…
page loads are faster than theyve ever been…and I don’t have the colour issue (sorry windoze folks…I’m on lubuntu)

so now I feel (though I’m not 100% sure) that my IP addy isnt leaking and my tunnel is secure because…well, dang, its just snappy.
So to devs, keep up the good work; to fellow users, be patient, check your settings and restart/reboot. Then come here to report issues. this is the pain associated with change- it’s never easy for anyone, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll have it in hand sooner than later.


It’s hard not to be frustrated, when you wait for things like Reader Mode, KeePass support and more. Things that really make the day for people. I love Brave, and I wanna support Brave till the grave, but the frustration is hard to bury. :grinning:


I share your excitement and desire for a realization of the vision of Brave; however, part of the issue contributing to your frustration no doubt is the devs I’m sure have an agenda, but they’re also trying to be nice and take (and run with) ideas from the userbase. Something’s gotta give.


They are definitely user ideas! :slight_smile:


Though Brave has been challenging to use at times, I feel the benefits far outweigh the issues. Most problems are resolved in short order, others have taken a bit longer to be ironed out, but overall, Ad-Free Browsing is a huge plus. I’m also a Brave Payments supporter because I believe that content creators deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment to their communities. The biggest issue I encountered did involve jumping through some hoops, but with the help of this community I was able to figure out a fix to the problem and I was back to browsing on Brave within a couple days. That said, Brave still has a ways to go before I drop my other browser and make it my primary browser. The key takeaway for me is, always have a backup solution to insure you’re not left hanging if something goes horribly wrong.


Additional praise here. I have also had issues (the scrolling problem and some sites not playing video), but overall the Brave user experience is a good one. I love not being plagued with ads. Brave starts fast for me, and has no hesitation loading sites. The support people and the community have helped with every real problem I have had. For software I didn’t have to buy, this is the best value ever.


I’m happy to see fellow users willing to follow my lead on this; there’s enough entitlement-fuelled negativity in the world today.
That said, while I’m happy to offer kudos for achievements to this point, what would really rock my personal casbah is if my mobile version would sync with my desktop, and if when I did a search on mobile, I’d not have to turn off block scripts in the shields to get DuckDuckGo search results to load as they do on desktop. Make transitioning mobile<>desktop magical & seamless, brave devs; this will have implications for BAT (er, Payments) if you follow my logic; show Apple and Alphabet how it should be done.


@heysoundude - have you tried DDG Lite as your search engine on mobile? I believe you wouldn’t have to enable scripts for that. Maybe give it a try?


That’s an option in settings?


Yep - definitely available as a default search engine on Android, but I just checked and not on iOS unfortunately. Rats. It has been requested though:


I hope it is added soon, or replaces what’s in place: it would be a nice time-saver or angst-eliminator.

Keep rawkin!


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