Which sites wall you off with anti-ad-blocking mechanisms?


Occasionally, I get stumped by an organization which has a clever anti-ad-blocking mechanism enforced.

In most if not all cases when someone comes to a dilemma when they are prohibited from complete access to a website because of an ad&track blocker or ad preventing feature, I think a significant number of people tend to skip the site altogether, as for the other few, they unfortunately let open the floodgates to all ads and trackers.

I found this stat on pagefair.com which analyzes data of ad-blockers along with other aspects:

'74% of American adblock users say they leave sites with adblock walls

77% of American adblock users willing to view some ad formats’

but it doesn’t mention anywhere those who’d like to continue getting tracked.

I personally wouldn’t mind letting a couple of ads through, however, I think trackers are incredibly detrimental to a users privacy and anonymity and Brave currently doesn’t have anything in place to counteract this, as stated before, ‘Show Brave Ads’ isn’t optimized yet to my understanding though it’s available as an option.
You’re also not allowed to block trackers separately from ads which may very well help in those occasional circumstances.

@luke.mulks when ‘Show Brave Ads’ comes to be, will this fix the issue permanently whilst continuing to block trackers or will investigation still be required or will there be an anti-anti-ad-blocking feature in a future release?

As the title suggests, could you simply state which sites don’t allow you access?

I think just issuing the Brave version and the OS Platform would be enough regarding this issue, so I’ll start. It should be noted that several of these may have already been issued in Github already:


Brave: 0.21.18
OS Platform: Linux

  • Business Insider UK (under investigation)
  • Haaretz (recently reported on Github)


I’m not seeing any issues with Business Insider (Although I’m in the US so maybe I’m not getting the same site). These issues can be fixed by deactivating shields temporarily though.


However doing so invites the trackers in @Chugwig , I don’t mind so much the ads but trackers can be quite damaging and you can’t currently separately continue to block trackers whilst allowing ads which will probably fix the issue for most users, would it not @luke.mulks?

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