Which OS version does each Brave release support?

I can’t see where the Brave documentation specifies the MacOS version required for a particular Brave release. Is this information actually anywhere? If not it definitely should be.

Specifically, I’m now on Brave 1.39.111 and previously saw **the notice saying future Brave releases will not work on Sierra - MacOS 10.12.6. Yet Brave now shows that I need to update it.

So is this info reliable?** People need to see the Technical Support needed for each Brave release, and if this isn’t currently available, then it’s urgently needed…

This is a link to the Brave Help Center article which probably isn’t going to help much(outdated) but posted anyway: What are the system requirements to install Brave?.

AFAIK there isn’t any other Brave documentation to reference. I agree, there should be something somewhere, but I can’t find it. I could not find any documentation at Brave GitHub Wiki or the Chromium Project either. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just means I couldn’t find it!

I think this post below will probably help more but I do not know anything about macOS so can’t evaluate if this particular information is reliable. May not be since it shows 10.12.6 still supported. The post was “as of” February 2022, so the decision not to support may have been made after that date or it could just be wrong.


You may want to consider upgrading your macOS if you can especially since Sierra doesn’t seem to have had any security updates from Apple in quite a while. Posted two articles below that may be of help.

How to upgrade to macOS Monterey - Apple Support, the latest version of macOS.

How to get old versions of macOS - Apple Support

macOS Monterey is compatible with these computers

Sorry, like you, I just couldn’t locate any really helpful end-user documentation from Brave or Chromium. Hoping some of the information I posted may be useful anyway! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@CrisBCT You may want to review the topic linked below for more information. Has several posts discussing the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, but since some old applications are not supported past Sierra, unfortunately I have to choose not to upgrade…


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