Which is the safest option to the "debouncing" configuration?

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I’m using Brave v1.50.125 in Spanish on Linux, and when I go to “brave://settings/shields”, the third option available is:

“URL de seguimiento de redirección automática: Habilitar la compatibilidad para derivar las URL de seguimiento de redirección de nivel superior. Más información

The link goes to brave’s debouncing feature, but I’m not sure about what means to enable this (the third option).

Enabling this option will enable brave’s debouncing feature or will allow websites track me, because it will let them use Bounce Tracking?

I’m sorry that I’m not able to post this setting in English but I’m not allowed to change Brave language.

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Hello @srh

if you enabled the option it will enable the debouncing feature here the english text
Auto-redirect tracking URLs
Enable support for bypassing top-level redirect tracking URLs. Learn more

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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It will protect you from it. They tried to explain this in detail if you clicked on Más información but I know it’s a lot of reading and it can be complicated. The simple answer is that if you have this toggled on, Brave is protecting you from this form of tracking that some sites are using.

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Thanks! I did read the linked site and I understand what debouncing do, but the translation to Spanish is probably automated and don’t make sense. You are not able to understand if you are enabling the debouncing feature or not.

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