Which Content Creators Am I Supporting on iOS?

I would like to do a Feature Request.

I would like to know which content creators I am supporting, and how much am I supporting them with


  • Please display the URL of the webpages that are going to receive my BAT blessings
  • Please show how many BAT I’m going to bless those webpages with

I would love to support those pages with additional view counts, but currently, I don’t have any idea who they are, nor how much impact I have on their view sponsorship!

It shall be viewable if you go to the settings and under the Rewards section, it shall be there.

Its there in Android devices not sure about iOS devices though

It is not there in iOS devices.

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Ohh I see, lets wait for a MOD/ iOS user to reply since I don’t have an iOS device to check it on.

@Mattches Could you please shed some light on this matter for us? I, too, would like to know the way Brave manages how much and who exactly are being supported by us IOS Brave users.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

It basically works the same way the “auto-contribute” function works. The websites you visit the most and how long you’re on any of these individual sites is how the browser decides where/how much to contribute. Also note that the rules regarding verified publishers apply here as well.