Which brave version do I download? So many websites and different versions

Yesterday, I’ve been trying to install Brave Browser.

On Bing, I wrote “Brave Browser” and got inside a website that had the “official tag”.
Given the name of the file, I was kinda suspicious and so I searched the website also on google.

Now these are the versions I was able to get (click on the photo, it will bring you to an album):

I would like to know why the BVR changes between the different downloads. Also, I copied a screen of the version I’ve installed (the one I’ve found on the bing website deemed as official).

Let me know.

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Same question! I want to know what BRV stands for- I’ve observed that the installer.exe files from the official site come with this term, while the ones from the Github release page don’t (just BraveBrowserSetup.exe).

@Sergio1992 typically you should just go to Brave’s website and download. It’s the safest method and kind of assures you aren’t grabbing anything unofficial. That’s https://brave.com/download/

That said, the things like BRV011 or BRV030 is just a way to know where you downloaded from, such as if you were referred to it by Bing or whatever. Examples of this was given as a topic over at Brave Browser Referral Codes Update - #3 by cmore

Thanks Saoiray. Now that I’ve installed it, any way to actually check if I’ve installed an unofficial version? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao, not really. I know it’s not necessarily a laughing matter but that’s the thing with the internet. If you download from random links rather than official sources, it can be very hard to know if you have a version that someone could have modified. And there’s never a simple way to know if they haven’t created backdoors to gather your info, included malware, if it contains viruses, etc. The primary thing a person has to do is rely on any security programs and firewalls they have on their devices.

That said, this is why it’s critical to always try to go to the official sources to download. It reduces any risk of issues.

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