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I wonder if you can help me with this (I am fairly new to the crypto world, sorry!).

I went to my Uphold to buy some BAT tokens but when I go to convert EUROs to BATs I see 2 options:

1 - Brave Browser (BAT)

2 - Basic Attention Token (Etheruem Network)

Which one should I choose or it makes no difference? I guess the first option is because I connected Brave to Uphold and bought a few BATs weeks ago just to test the system.


If you want to keep it in your Uphold account, then “Brave Browser” or any BAT card you’ve on your Uphold account (see utility token category). The second option is to send the BAT to external wallet (you’ll be asked to enter ETH address).

Note: Brave Browser card is BAT card that connected to your Brave Rewards wallet.

You can ask Uphold Support team if you still unclear. I’m pretty sure they also have help articles for that.

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Thanks a lot!
I asked Uphold too but their answer was confusing and had nothing to do with my question.
We are lucky to have a helpful community here.
Keep up the good work!

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