Where will my monthly rewards payout go after Brave downsized list of supported countries?

Brave suddenly made payouts unsupported in the country where I am from and I can no longer connect to Uphold. However my rewards are being sent and reset each month, where to ? I don’t know. Will I be able to receive everything that disappeared from my brave rewards once payouts are available ??

They are in a limbo. It would be expected that the rewards would remain in your browser. But, since it is/was connected to Uphold, the system somehow gets confused. They are neither claimed into your browser nor sent to Uphold.

The best option for you is to create a new profile, delete the old one and start from zero again. This way you can accumulate rewards in your browser until you country is supported again.
Any funds you have currently in Uphold will remain there. Don’t worry.

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