Where were my BATs transferred to?


my Brave Publisher Account received payments in August, but Uphold Account did not receive payment yet. My Total Balance of Publisher Account is 33.25 BAT.

Aug 11th, when I logged in to my Publisher Account I saw a Payment Progress’ status “In Progress”. today when I logged in the Payment Progress is empty (cleared). Why did this happen?

I used Brave Publisher Account (linked with verified Uphold Account) since April 2020.


with regards!

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August Balence Sent Your Uphold Wallet in Next Deposit Date. Next Payout Date September 8 to start…

hi @mh.layek

but I saw payment progress…

@steeven has wrote a few days ago that the team will fix the issue soon

‘Payment Progress’ It shows in everyone’s.
That doesn’t mean it’s a problem
Next month you will receive your payment

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