Where to get Extensions please


where can i find Extensions for Brave

I love this Browser but cant find any extensions

also i have Brave on my phone would like to know how to Sync between pc and phone

thank you


Aside from the ones under “about:preferences#extensions” (you can copy it into address bar) I don’t think you’ll be able to get any.

Technically Brave should be able to use chrome extensions, but after many tries I can’t get them working.


Hi @MadBoxx,

@HalfTough is right. All supported extensions for Brave is listed under Preferences > Extensions. In addition, more extensions support coming to Brave 1.0. You can read more about it here https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/

And for Sync, currently Brave Sync only available for desktop version. Mobile sync (Android, iOS) is still being worked on.

Thank you, :slight_smile:


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