Where to find working extensions for BRAVE?


Hello guys!

I really love this new browser and I love the fact that it autoblock most ads. Aside from that, I also love how sleek this browser is. Been using Chrome and Firefox but I always have issues like ram-hogging etc.

Anywy, I wanted to look for some working extension for Brave such as Gmail Notifier, Blue Messenger, Auto Refresh and among other.

I’m not sure where to find them as I can’t find an “extension marketplace” or something like that.


Hi @xtrisx,

Available extensions is listed under about:preferences#extensions (copy-paste it to URL bar) or open Preferences > Extensions and the extensions manually added by Brave team (for now).

You can find the requested list in

Will cc @LaurenWags for logging the request (Blue Messenger and others).

Hope this can answer your questions.
Thank you,

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