Where my BAT balance gone

Untill yesterday i can see i have 1.5 BAT in my pending balance and suddenly today i can see only 0.07 BAT in my account balance. Where my rewards gone suddenly. i have seen more than 130 ads and the reward for that is just 0.07. what is going on


Same here. I’ve 1.400 BAT but today it’s showing 0.040 BAT , but I clicked 95 ads this month. Where is my BAT are going?? I’m not doing any auto contribution. Then why this happened???

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My BAT balance dropped from about 14 to 3.7ish … where did my BAT go???

Mine keeps bouncing everywhere from 5.5 to 0.05. The only answer I’ve seen so far is “different ads pay out different amounts of BAT,” which isn’t an answer at all

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