Where is the "SELECT ALL" option?

I don’t know where to put this, and I’m not familiar with this site. Basically, WHERE THE HECK IS THE SELECT ALL OPTION?!

There is nasty thing invading the Internet: Articles where big nasty pop up adds that YOU CANT CLOSE appear, when all I want to do IS READ THE FRIGGIN ARTICLE!

SOOOO I am FORCED to use a DIFFERENT BROWSER, because I need to “select all” and “Copy” and then paste in notepad in order to actually read most articles, because I will NEVER EVER Cooperate with ANYTHING that interrupts my reading experience that I CANNOT CLOSE, under ANY conditions.

I have looked everywhere…

here is an example: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-2004-08-03-0408030160-story.html

This is one of those obnoxious articles with important information relating to pest control, and there is no way to close the stup1d thing that opens a few seconds in. (So much for so called ad blocking)

There is no way to select all, but if I view the same page in firefox, there is no issue.

Please fix your browser.

Works perfectly fine on mine. Could you share a screenshot of when you try to do so?

You pay to read, that’s what’s going on and only because you want to bypass something and you just don’t know how to do it, it’s not the browsers fault, so you either pay or figure it out or ask for help to read it, instead of sounding so dramatic and weird, like you were going to die because you can’t read the “FRIGGIN ARTICLE”.

Nobody has to ‘fix anything’, Brave is not going to include any list to bypass paywalls, for obvious reasons.
The adblocker by default (from Brave) will be used for different things, not to get free content you are suppose to pay, that’s not what Brave will help you do, if you don’t like it, oh well.

It’s not like you can’t write custom adblock rules, and do it yourself. Learn how to do it or be more clever about how internet works so you can use the 800 trillion ways to bypass ‘paywalls’ like:

  1. You can use the reader mode to ‘bypass’ the paywall.
  2. You can also block scripts
  3. You can block individual scripts with the adblocker
  4. Soon the browser will bring back the old “Allow Scripts”, so it will be even easier to allow or block individual scripts (it’s already on Nightly)
  5. You can also try to create custom cosmetic rules to get rid of the message.
  6. You can open Devtools and probably modify the website and remove nodes to remove the message which will let you read the article.

How difficult, Browser needs to be fixed /s

control + a. has been the select all keyboard shortcut for well over 30 years.

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I guess, they having issue on mobile. Don’t know lol

they reference using notepad, that screams windows machine to me.

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