Where is the option to disable updates located?

Try as I might, a search for anything related to updates in the settings menu comes up empty. How do I disable automatic updates? I woud like to control this on both Mac and Linux. Thanks!

I don’t think that as of now it is possible to do so.

@gigachad There’s not been any official way for this yet to my knowledge. There has been an open project for it that hasn’t progressed much. They moved it over to P4, which means Planned work. We expect to get to it "soon". Only thing is with Brave, soon isn’t how we typically expect. For example, that was set to soon this time last year.

Not sure if @clifton might be able to swing by to advise on it. The Github is:

One of the only other things I can advise on are the unofficial suggestions by other Users, which will be shown below. No, they don’t all talk Linux or MacOS, but it kind of still guides you what to mess with in your OS. Just keep in mind that doing so can prevent you from Rewards and also will make your browser less secure. Keeping updated has importance to it. But at least trying to answer for you a bit.

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