Where is the button to turn off having to put my user name or password in MORE than ONCE. EVER

this is 2021 - the concept of having to put my pw in any software more than once in MY LIFE is a bloody joke.

So what am I missing? and what I mean by that is, where is the button that allows me to use this browser for life without every having to put my user name and log in here more than THE ONCE.

Someone has to stop this fuckery of the internet because it makes using it the worst experience of each day of my life. sux, totally sux.

The WWW is just a big international yellow book with NO directory. What a bloody mess,

So who’s got the answer here? Becuase the concept or having to add my pw in here every time I fart in the wrong direction is crapolla.

There’s gotta be a brain out there who’s figured this out?

Which passwords are you talking about :confused:

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