Where is the abp button?



everytime I open brave, I get bugged to put them on my whitelist; they show directions to do that by clicking the red abp button and selecting “disallow”. However, I cannot see or find any such button on the browser. Where is it? I hate being bugged by this big overlay.
is there any other way to resolve this? how do you put them on your whitelist?


There is no adb button, where are you seing that? :wink: Might be a website that thinks that you have abp but that is not the case in brave :wink: You can navigate to the website and then click the orange lion in the top right of your browser, there you just set “ad controll” to “allow ads and tracking” :lion_face: Can you please say say where you have this showing up because I think that it is possible to fix this by not letting the website see that you are using an ad blocker :wink: Any thoughts? @luke.mulks


thanks for your reply. What was coming up, mainly when going onto foxnews.com, was a big, wide dialogue box across the page asking me to “whitelist” brave, and showing how to do it; it shows a big red “abp” button on the top right corner, and that if you click on it, you go to adblock settings, and you’re supposed to disable it.
But now that you mention clicking on the shields button, I now see that that’s another way to disable ad blocking; I’m just not sure if that’s what I really want to do. what do you think?


I would recommend you to do the steps mentioned in my last comment :wink: Thrn you can use the site as it should be :+1:


Thanks @Jacalz

@believeinjesus can you please let me know which URLs are providing the whitelisting request so I can investigate and resolve? As long as they are only asking to whitelist, we should be able to fix and let you browse with Shields up.

Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:


Yes, I finally realized that it was only foxnews.com, which wanted me to disable adblocking, even though they coached me to click a red “abp” button, which I can’t find. Usually this site has a million ads, so I think they are wanting to be able to display those ads.
that seems to be the only site asking me to whitelist them, and I can see that I just need to click the shield button and select to disable ad blocking.
thanks for your help-Jean


Thanks @believeinjesus!

While that works for a short term fix, I am going to either add this feedback to an existing issue (if one exists), or open a new issue to investigate.

We should make it so you don’t have to get tracked in order to browse the sites you frequently​ visit.

Thanks for letting us know, as this will likely help a lot of other people who are likely to be encountering the same issue you are with this site.


Hi @believeinjesus,

I have opened an issue in GitHub to investigate:

You can follow the issue to track progress if you’d like.

I am going to close this thread now that the issue has been added into the GitHub queue, but if you encounter any other sites with similar behavior, please let us know.


closed #9


Hi @believeinjesus

Just wanted to quickly follow up here after running some checks.

In this particular case, you don’t need to disable blocking or shields. You can just click on the white X, and fox news will no longer display the message.

after clicking the X

This is one of the more “polite” versions of the “we noticed you’re running an ad blocker” messages from a publisher. Others will block the actual content, but in this case they’ll let you continue using the content with blocking enabled after you click the message.