Where is Text-to-Speech support on Linux? I can't find it

Everybody keeps talking about TTS but I can’t find it.
I have selected text and searched every option.
I have also searched the settings but I can’t find it.

Can someone please tell me where it is? If I would have found something on the web, I wouldn’t be registering & writing this question. Writing on ArchLinux 6.4, Brave Version 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126 (64-Bit)

Where? I’ve not seen this as a topic lately. Brave doesn’t have built-in TTS or anything. This would have to be done through your OS or an extension.

Brave has very little to offer in terms of accessibility options. It’s one of the things I’ve been requesting of them to work on.

There is no TTS in Brave.
The only work they are currently doing about it is this, which is still a draft, that means not really close to be implemented to Nightly, and from Nightly to Stable is more than 2 months or more sometimes.

TTS will be added to the SpeedReader toolbar, which they updated few weeks ago in Nightly, you can see the headset icon for the TTS in a screenshot, so it might look like that in the final version

There is an issue opened on Github for a TTS like Edge’s Read Aloud feature, but who knows when they will implement that, for now the only work is in the speedreader and that’s it.

So where is it? well not being developed yet, if you mean website TTS like Read Aloud, but at least they are working on something about TTS even if it is the SpeedReader, an initial implementation is okay even if not all pages can take advantage of it.

Brave doesn’t have the team and the money to implement things fast, they are still working in the Brave AI (the icon on the right side of the TTS one) and who knows when it will be on stable.
Also, Brave will want to implement privacy first implementations, reasons why they are not just using some ChatGPT like other people do and call it a day.

It is a balance of features, privacy, then money and the team size, some features will get implemented first than others, and sometimes they will stay in Nightly for months.

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