Where is Readerview for Android devices?

I do not find Readerview as an option in Brave on my Android phone, and had to uninstall it from my phone. I settled on Opera, which works fine, but Brave is my default on my notebook and I like consistency. Plus, I think the Chinese own Opera. Maybe Vivaldi will become the answer for me.

But again, where is readerview for Brave on Android? Why is this not even listed as a topic (searching produced zero results)? Surely Brave developers are not intentionally forcing Brave-associated ads on android-based Brave Browser users, right? No way that Brave developers would intentionally omit an easy-to-initiate Reader in order to get the Brave-associated ads onto the screens of Brave users, right?

FFox has a good reader mode. So does Opera. Apparently, Brave doesn’t even offer a reader in its very few operational extensions for mobile users. No reader is a deal breaker for me, and will be for every other person who reads on their phones. We need a good mobile ad blocker, too.

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You can enable “Simplified view…” which can be found under Settings > Accessibility.

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