Where is payment

i’been waiting since 28 april for payment.
and payment showing on 8th june, today showing payout in progress. when are you will process my payout?

just be patient , the payout can take some time more…

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But, now is 9th June .
My friend got the payment 5hours ago and im still waiting.

and why can it take some time? is there a person who payout the BAT manual? I can not understand why in automatic systems it takes some time? It would be nice to know how this payout system work.

I ask the same question. Is the monthly payment system done manually?

Your warm words are not very helpfully!
NO payments on 8 june for may rewards! on 8th june they say pnding payouts and till today they say 8th july!
This is ridicules! Very untrustworthy.
What kind of programmer are working in the brave team?
every payment must be made manually???
Hope somebody of brave support say something but here in this community is everything so slow…no answers some times for days…
one last question…WHY SHOULD WE PROMOTE BRAVE!

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me too i havent received my june payement yet , i contacted the support and waiting for the reply from @Asad , its the week end the team not working i hope this will be end in this monday,be patient for 1 days , for my part i am sur that brave is not a SCAM at all that what i am sur because i received from brave many times …

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@creaders Your commentary is so disrespectful to the Brave team. They are probably distributing dozens of thousand BAT, facing many scammers and doing something that has not been done before (how many Browsers give you this opportunity to earn a reward?) and just because they missed the term you are calling them “very untrustworthy”. They created a great product that you can you for free, keep that in mind please.


True…If it’s the same issue for everyone then it would be solved if they had to prove themselves right…

no i’m not thinking you are right at all. true they have product wich promoted rewards. when they release this feature and thousand of user are using this so why is it not possible to answer questions about many issues like this. this is not the first time! there is no official description(100%correctly) how and in which time payouts are processed. every question we have about rewardsystem takes along time to answer or we have to search in dozed of threads. don’t missunderstand , i can search but a serious firm will provide information asap. i’m not alone with this issue but i’m also not responsible for user are open a new thread with the same isse. and when i mean that it is not trustworthy than i mean that many people are scared whats going on here!
a community like this is good but sometimes a moderator would be fine to bring more infomation about open issues…


They have the same problem month after month. This forum is overrun with support problems. Verification taking months, people not receiving payments, balances disappearing etc etc. I will not be promoting this to my 500k audience, they’ll end up hating me.

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i dont get my payment :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

this is exactly what i mean…

@wtfasaurus By “a month after month” do you mean two months? The reward programme was re-launched in February and Ads are running from March, so it is an early phase. I want to stress out that this is an innovative approach, and there are no alternatives to this product. Of course, you can stop to use the product and promoting it because they delayed the payment and wait until all the bugs are solved and product is more mature.

They should be attenuated to our situation and not be silent. and we process our payments and do not make excuses that for the other month and act responsibly…

should act in the coming days and not be leaving for another month but we have worked hard and legitimately deserve to receive our payments seriously

Just one question ?
When you will paying me ?
I’ve been verified and connected my uphold since 30th April … Im waiting.

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