Where is my wallet on my brave mobile ios

Hi, I’m using an iOS device and have installed the brave app. When Looking for my rewards, I do see that I am earning some BAT but not sure where would it be credited closer to 5 Jul.

  1. could I check which wallet the BAT would be credited to?
  2. I’ve activate sync, does it link with my BAT earned on my laptop browser?
  3. how do I withdraw BAT?

Kindly assist

Thank you

Thanks for reaching out to us.

  1. If you’re earning on iOS, then the BAT earned this way will be distributed to the wallet on that device. If you click on the BAT Rewards icon, then Settings you should be able to see the Estimated earnings from viewing ads.
  2. No, at this time, Brave Sync does not sync Rewards data between devices, but this or similar functionality is planned for future releases.
  3. While you cannot withdraw BAT on mobile at this time, we are very close to implementing this feature – in which case, it will work the same way it does on Desktop. You’ll have to have an Uphold account with the fulfilled KYC requirements, and verify your Brave wallet with that account.

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