Where is my reward, wallet can't be verified?

Here in reward section it shows your rewards have arrived.But i can’t currently verify wallet bcoz it’s showing region is supported.My uphold wallet was connected previously.Now it is unverified.So where did my rewards go??

Hey, If it disconnected on the 1st of September or after then the rewards should be sent to Uphold. If it was disconnected before the 1st of September then it should arrive in your Rewards wallet. In both cases you won’t be able to receive payments in Uphold/Gemini till the unsupported region issue is sorted. You’ll have to claim rewards every month and they’ll automatically be stored on your local files.

But it’s now showing in my rewards wallet too

It could take a while for it to appear as rewards are still processing

Where will it be shown? In brave wallet??

It will be shown in the BRAVE REWARDS SECTION.

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