Where is my payment?

I think I should stop using the brave browser. No payout for three months. I contacted the support team but NO reply. so, what is the essence of using the browser?
there are good and privacy-protecting browsers out there.

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I had received adds last month but browser was showing Estimated pending rewards as 0.00 Bats. but I didnot have any screen shot not for same.
But now i have latest screen shot which shows I have Ads received this month as 105 and Estimated pending rewards as 0.000BAT0.00 USD. Can any body explain this.

Payment is still processing it takes several days to finish.

Thats ok. but estimated rewards are linked to ads received. that algorithm on my mobile device works effectively and reflects estimated pending rewards but not on my PC.

It was the same for me all the time … No replies … it is not trustable team …

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