Where is my BATs?

I nas almost 2 BAT, don’t remember exectaly but its around 1.903 BAT.
Now i’m seeing some ads and go to see How much i have and its 1.633

What’s wrong?

Hey @FernandoTrader,

Are you a verified uphold user? You may be experiencing the BATs being processed and transferred over.

Kind Regards,


Hello Green
I’m verified and my phone is sync with my desktop.
My wallet for april month got only 0.250 BAT, happened today. But I saw my coins for The ads almost in 2 BAT, but for now Just dissapear. Trying to imagine what happened.
Hope this can solve


BATs are in the process of being paid out so there may be a slight delay in your balance in Uphold.

We appreciate your patience!

Kind regards,



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